Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Endless Summer

After the roughest semester of my life (academically speaking...socially it was fantastic), summertime is finally here. I'll be living in Flagstaff, on the NAU campus, in my very own dorm room that is decorated with Haitian art, a potted plant named Beatrice (in honor of the sassy character from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing) and a sacrilegious painting of Jim Henson. I now carry the noble title of Housekeeper, though I was informed that we won't be cleaning toilets or showers, so that's a welcome surprise.

My schedule will be erratic, but I will have plenty of free time to journal in the cemetery that sits right next to my building, make a sufficient dent in the List of 100 Movies that I want to watch before I graduate, and generally enjoy all that Flagstaff has to offer in the summer: namely, NOT 100+ degree weather. In fact, it snowed today.

Summer is a great time for pursuing goals, so I've come up with a few that I would be happy to achieve in the coming months. Hopefully it will turn out better than last summer, when my goal was to read every children's book Roald Dahl ever wrote. I believe I only got through 3, though they were all brilliant. Naturally.

Jordan's Goals for the Summer of 2011

1. Blog here at least once a week. Hopefully life as a Housekeeper will provide plenty of fodder. I hear that Cheer Camp week is the worst, on account of all the bobby pins that our vacuums suck up and all of their popsicles that get stuck in the freezer. I can't wait. That last statement was not sarcastic.

2. Complete another draft of the full-length screenplay I just finished this semester. I'll hold off on this one for a bit...I need some distance, as it was the bane of my existence for 16 weeks.

3. Work out another idea for a new screenplay. Working on the last one, I realized that while fantasy/action movies are some of my favorite to watch, they are not my favorite to write. Now I want a dialogue-heavy, character driven comedy. I'll probably be watching When Harry Met Sally a lot.

4. Become YouTube famous. I feel like if I wasn't so afraid of marketing myself, that this could actually happen. Currently, there are two videos on my account that have more than 2,000 views, and one with over 3,000. It is time to explore what I have to offer the YouTube community, and see if it could actually take me anywhere. Plus, some people get PAID just to make videos all day erry day. So why not try, right?

5. Read the entire Old Testament. I feel like I'm pretty knowledgeable on what happens in the New, but that there are a lot of things I've never read through fully or that I've forgotten from the OT. I know it's pretty long--according to my Bible, it's 793 pages. But I had to read The Count of Monte Cristo the summer before sophomore year of high school and that behemoth was over 1,000. Maybe that's not a good example...I read the SparkNotes. But I have higher hopes for this endeavor, because it was not assigned to me and I genuinely believe it to be very important. Nothing against Dumas, but he's no Creator, knowwhatImean?

6. Find a man. I'm half joking, and am borrowing this goal from my roommate of two years.

But only half joking.

Since I want to write here so often, perhaps I will actually update you on my progress with everything. Easy content! It's a beautiful thing.

Hope you're having a lovely summer,

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Vicky said...

I love your summer lists! I love that you include reading the Bible in your summer list and growing in your relationship with the Lord. I love you Jordan my intelligent, funny, amazing daughter!