Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dressed in 2D

I've been obsessed with a certain idea for the last month or so, so hopefully I'll actually act on it soon...once I have a slightly more disposable income.

Perhaps it stemmed from the experience this semester of essentially wearing the same thing every day, but now I want to have different outfits that are inspired by cartoon characters. The one that has occupied my mind the most is that of Chuckie Finster.

I felt the need to use an earlier rendition of him, in protest against all episodes that aired after Rugrats in Paris. Kimi was annoying as all get-out, and I count "All Grown Up" as sacrilege.

Cartoons were never meant to age. Notice that nobody actually likes "For Better or for Worse."

Now, I don't plan to exactly recreate these outfits. That would come off as too Halloweenie (laugh if you're immature...I did) and lame. I would just like to honor these characters appropriately and hopefully brighten anyone's day who realizes what I am actually wearing. Therefore, a Chuckie Finster outfit might look something like this:

The purple glasses

A light blue tank top

With the red and yellow Saturn logo painted on it

And green shorts
's gonna happen. 'Cause a baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do.

1 comment:

jenny*marie said...

only you, Jordan Steele!
:) this is a pretty neat idea and i hope you have the opportunity to do this before you're say...25.
after that i would say cartoon-inspired attire is no longer cool but perhaps sad.